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Twitter resources for Wedding Photographers:

These are in no particular order…

1.http://twitpic.com/ : TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter.
2.http://www.twitxr.com/ : Share pictures and status updates from your mobile.
3.http://www.mobypicture.com/ :   Shoot n Share, it’s that simple!
4.http://snaptweet.com/ : Easily Share Flickr Pictures on Twitter.
5.http://www.tweetube.com/ : Upload or email pictures quickly via Tweetube and automatically share your great photo moments with your Twitter followers.
6. http://www.tweetdeck.com/beta/ : You can create Twitter groups on TweetDeck, so you can keep your industry and personal contacts somewhat separate.
7. http://twittangle.com/ : twitTangle will allow you to rate and tag your friends, then filter your timeline based on those that are most important to you.
8. http://www.tweetreplies.com/ : Use Tweetreplies to have your @replies sent directly to your email in real time.
9. http://splitweet.com/ :  Get multi account management using Splitweet, so you can separate your studio and personal accounts.
10. http://useqwitter.com/ : Find out when followers stop following you.
11. http://hootsuite.com/ :  With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.
12. http://www.tweetlater.com/ : Use Twitblocker to temporarily hide your friends that are updating a bit too often.
13. http://www.twaitter.com/ : This Twitter web client will allow you to schedule, and create recurring Tweets.
14. http://twitter.grader.com/ : How do you stack up on Twitter.
15. http://tweetstats.com/ : Graphin’ your stats.
16. http://twitslikeme.efinke.com/ : Find others like you.
17. http://nearbytweets.com/ : Find other twitters near you.
18. http://wefollow.com/ : User powered Twitter directory.
19. http://www.twellow.com/ : Twitter Yellow Pages.
20. http://www.twitterhawk.com/ : Introducing you to people like you, near you.
21. http://followcost.com : How annoying will it be to follow  @jsandifer on Twitter?
22. http://datenmafia.org/phototwitter/ : Use PhotoTwitter to take snapshots with your iSight and post to Twitter.
23. http://www.twitscoop.com/ : Search Twitter to see what is hot right now.
24. http://twiggit.org/ : twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.
25. http://www.quoteurl.com/ : QuoteURL helps you group different Twitter updates from different people into a single page that has a permanent URL. So you can put it on your blog or send interesting conversations to friends.
26. http://tweetscan.com/ : Search Twitter quickly and easily.
27. http://www.tweetizen.com/ : You can start your own group, or find groups with specific interests on Twitter.
28. http://twtpoll.com/ : Create a poll.
29. http://www.strawpollnow.com/ : Create your own straw poll.
30. http://grouptweet.com/ : Group message broadcasting for Twitter.
31. http://21tweets.com/ : They help you to achieve your new goals and turn them into a habit!
32. http://twitterfeed.com/ : Feed your blog to twitter.
33. http://www.fuelfrog.com/ : Track Your Gas Mileage with FuelFrog.
34. http://www.tweeteorology.com/ : The twitterverse on the weather.
35. http://tweetburner.com/ : Tracking the links you share.
36. http://ping.fm/ : Simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.
37. http://jott.com/ : Makes it easy for you to tweet without ever having to type, transcribing your voice message to Twitter.
38. http://mymilemarker.com/ : Track your miles.
39. http://twtvite.com/ : A simple event manager twitter app.
40. http://www.tweetwhatyouspend.com/ : Cash tracking made simple through Twitter.

Let me know your favorites so I can add them!

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